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Siren of the Formless

by City Girl

Devote Ember 03:13


with sorrow comes a weight heavier than all of heaven and earth entwined. a weight that no light, no silver ribbon of midday sun could mend. hidden behind arms full of sloping blooms and bowing branches, who’s lavender hair flows delicately like gossamer threads; a girl whose heart burns a countless multitude of embers. devote and elysian, crying tears of bliss into the ever revealing sunlight. the bittersweet tragedy of formlessness: to be nothing and everything at once. with wings that melt like wax and splinters that shatter like water into her skin. a vessel for blame. another tool for the wraithlike phantoms who plan in the night. but how could the young saint know of nature’s great advance, alone and feral? calling from below the memories of a life yet lived, or perhaps a life yet touched by time. a lantern floating beneath the surface of a placid onyx lake. forever twisting through the snow-white corridors of time like a lost prayer from a lonely soul. a being melting and reforming with each moment, malleable to the threads of fate. “i wish to be among the lilies, among the curls of sun as they embrace the water. to float as one with a purpose. a being of tragedy, but a being nonetheless,” she says, her voice full of inclination.
“for of all the purity i have shared not a single drop has been saved. drops that like gentle serene tears become forever lost the moment they fall. dropping short and fast like wingless spirits cut loose from the heavens. forever trapped in the wild hollow wondering amidst the labyrinth of flora. just a saint without an altar, a goddess without a shrine. cast away warmth… siren of the formless.”


released April 14, 2020

►all tracks composed, performed, & produced by City Girl
►album art by vickisigh


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City Girl Los Angeles, California

City Girl


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