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Goddess of the Hollow

by City Girl

i call it ego and you call it pride get off your throne and look into my eyes i see the devil while you see a god its a bad religion if you cant do more than just pray prAaAyYy
i stayed up so late the sun is out i dont have a friend to call or a life to cry about in the end i think i wanted that i stare up at my ceiling till the edges start to crack and when my lungs fill with water will you come get me?
Sana's Gloom 04:30


she sinks below the surface of the abyss like a lantern hung beneath the water, its luminescence glowing in the swirling currents. she reaches towards the earth where her soul continues to twist and drift in a sea of embers. here below in heaven’s shadow she waits. patiently the pain comes. both numb and formless, intimate and vague. a prisoner to her own refrain, endlessly locked in somber song; a dulcet slumber in haunting hollows. and all the while the winds of time bellow chaotically around her. “will i ever be cared for or even noticed?” she wonders.
“i feel as if my existence is slowly drifting off, like shattering crystals of snow raising one by one from a bed of fog. like smoke emanating from an ancient pyre far below. praise sweet saint of ember who shatters the night sky like a fine film of ice, melting its tempting curls with wreathes of cold blue flame. praise fair snow-cloaked princess in her lustrous sea of black and gold, born anew each night into a perpetual obsidian dark. is there any space left for an existence such as mine? is there an onyx demon who can plunge to my depths, a wild saint who can navigate this abyss? i can still feel the suns suffusion, it lingers in my dreams… but it is fleeting. my memories of those feral overflowing gardens above are sifted finer and finer as the days pass. just ghosts in the sun’s haze, drifting backwards through the light. a crazed sanctuary woven breathlessly from fragments of the past. a past that down here, motionless to those above, loses all meaning. just a gnarled shadow. twisted umbra… goddess of the hollow.”


released April 14, 2020

all tracks composed, performed, & produced by City Girl

tracks 2,3,7 with vocals and songwriting
by tiffi >https://spoti.fi/2TP3k4j


all rights reserved



City Girl Los Angeles, California

City Girl


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