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Chroma Velocity

by City Girl

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gaston1337 An incredible dive into a very different type of Lofi music, with much more energy, emotion and nocturnal vibes. The tracks on this album are incredibly layered and full of movement...this is so much more than Lofi and a wonderful, concistent and daring project for City Girl as well. Easily my favourite album of hers - I love it.
Favorite track: Endless and Artificial.
TheNugget1999 thumbnail
TheNugget1999 Chroma Velocity is a hand bag of goodies with amazing sounds and amazing sounds as well. Favorite track: Empty Expressways.
June thumbnail
June Citygirl makes music that hits my brain just right. No other artist's music has had such a positive effect on me. Favorite track: Ellipsis (feat. tiffi).
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times before if i tried to stop running towards you you'd come back and wouldn't be so into it not 100% on these, gunna ask tiffi to clarify
show you all the things that you've been missing out on me i'll bring you back from better times but leave you at the brink i'll tell you all about how i've been feeling so free but i don't think you're worth my time, i guess that this'll be it but tell me why you've been on my mind all the damn fucking time put this shit on rewind i don't need to be right don't want you to be mine ain't gonna put up a fight it's about fucking time get the fuck out my life
times before i've told you if you get away, i wont have to i could be disappointed if i tried... i could tell myself i hate you, but that's a lie...
(never call home) i lost everything that i knew i started to not know who i was the peach state wasn't so sweet to me instead everything was so rotten you're the peach state
he said he loved her more than words so instead of words he gave her flowers to observe she drew him pictures and a card he said it was tacky and almost broke her heart she loves him so much it's absurd he thinks it's cute that her singing is the worst he's ever heard and the way she'll close her eyes when she's nervous and just about to cry (cry)
I've been spending my time on you ’Cause you got me feeling so confused I wish I could be doing more for you But I don't really know what to do Pretty baby won't you hold me close & hold me tight? I’ll keep you sheltered from rain & light You got me feeling all soft inside & I just want you by my side
you say 'why wont you wait?' why do you make me feel this kind of way? cus ive been so low dont know where to go tell me if you know, take the lead and ill follow you [you say wont you wait wait wait wont you stay stay stay]


> Emerging through the midnight gateway, you feel a sensation in
your spine cutting upwards towards your neck. A flood of contempt and anger swerving with a velocity of unbearable degree; crawling through your eyes as you push another hour deeper into the night.
> But just as soon as it arrives it departs. Free from an eternal pain that died in its final crescendo. That which had been waiting for nothing, wanting to be free. Released from the sad numb feeling of twilight. Let go after an eon of sparring with the submissive contract of sadness.
> Within the ash a new persona blooms. An angel of saturation in delay, love in anger. Lifting you through yourself and into another body. 
The mind a shell, a clearing, a limitless void. And within that vessel of being and creation you undertake end without moderation, sympathy without abundance.
> You accelerate onto a myriad of empty expressways; the velocity you once were prison to now your constant catalyst. A utopia of urgency. A carved out memory of hearts in endless and artificial refinement. Cold crystal waves driving over a synthetic shore. 
> The numbness of fragility now shattered within a new erudite heaven. With no horns, no fangs, no spirit. Just a silence within itself waiting for nothing and wanting to be free.
> Chroma Velocity ▋


released June 10, 2019

acoustic/electric/bass guitar, ukulele, keys/piano/synth,
drum programming, producing/mixing/mastering by City Girl.
►Twitter: twitter.com/citygirltime
►Spotify: spoti.fi/2z9NHL6

art by vickisigh

Features from:

vocals, songwriting.

rui ying
vocals, songwriting.

Christina Shin
vocals, songwriting.

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City Girl Los Angeles, California

City Girl


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